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Work In Progress: Artist mixed media book: 2018/2023 14″ x 11″ 

This empty sketch book was dyed continuously in rainwater/ink/metallic pigment for over one year. Pages stuck and tore becoming ever more stubbornly present even if damaged or permanently altered. On a week -long artist residency in Lake Chapala, Mexico, I was able to complete the first 13 pages. Continuing my interest in working with found materials and both fine art and natural materials I combined vintage photographs, water damaged pages from a 1964 text on William De Kooning that had belonged to the artist David Gilhooly/silver leaf/hemp string/vintage handwritten letters circa 1900/ negative/kozo mulberry paper/dyed wax paper. The images are permeable moving through portals in pages like Albert Einstein says we move through time.

The Quarantine Opus Book

2020 – 10.5″ X 8.5″ Hardcover Book. Mixed Media, Vintage Found Photographs, Documents, Collage, My Typed Dream Text.

“It’s a crackling, aromatic and ancient affair – a magnificent old soul. By merging elements of her own history into its gathering of source materials, she ensures that her story is just as present as her hand in this alchemical work of memory made flesh.” 

– Shana Nys Dambrot

The Dreamt Landscape

2015, 2020 and 2021 – 10″ X 16″ Acrylic Collage, Gold Leaf, Typed Dream Text. Circa 1970-80.

Rubbing Her the Wrong Way

1980-82 – 8″ X 6″ Mixed Media with Rubber Stamps Cray-Pas Acrylic Paint, Ballpoint Pen, My Typed Dreams Circa 1970

Part of a Private Collection 

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