Memories of Tomorrow's Sunrise

Nancy Kay Turner’s Burnt Offerings (2020–2022) is a both beautiful and mysterious durational piece. The piece presents the aftermath of baking bread as evocative of those impressions left behind by past actions. Process becomes practice as bread, baking, burning and nourishment are called to mind and recall the religious practice of sacrificial offering. 

 – Austin Janisch
Art and Cake LA

A Practical Guide to Parlour Games and Magic

Nancy Kay Turner’s The Pursuit of Shadows is an altar with individual components, a scavenged and repurposed small world which includes a Ouija board and a shoe form, seemingly indicative of a post-dystopian world, in which our present is a memory. 

 – Genie Davis
Artillery Magazine

My two and three-dimensional mixed–media works incorporate text and image while exploring the intersection of memory and identity. My work–which mediates between past, present and future, examines the mysterious way objects retain remembrance, how fragments can suggest an entire story, and how we have a fickle relationship to our own history.

Studio Visit: Nancy Kay Turner/Archaeology of the Soul

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